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Autocross seems very simple – use traffic cones to make a mini-road course in a parking lot or airport and see who can get the lowest time without hitting any cones or going off course.
Despite the low overall speeds attained during competition, it’s one of the most intense, rapid-fire forms of motorsports you can enter, with barriers to entry low enough that many drivers are able to be quite competitive at it. Autocross is a fun, easy, and safe way to learn the limits of your car. It is also a social event. It is part race and part car show. Come for the competition and stay for the camaraderie. Or vice versa!

If you are wondering in what class your vehicle would be, click here for more information. If you still need some clarification, join our Facebook group and ask our members.

Championship Points Rules Change!!

We are increasing the number of dropped events for a championship series.  We are now rounding the number of events dropped UP instead of DOWN. The number of events dropped from the final point standings will equal 25% of the overall number of events, rounded up to the nearest whole. For this season of 15 events we will drop 4 events (instead of 3).
Join us for our Monthly Committee meetings!

Every third Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the Tigard Buster’s BBQ and online (email us for a link).  Join us at 6:30pm to eat and chat before the meeting. Everyone is invited. We value your input! This sport runs with volunteer support. We can’t do it without your help. Thanks to everyone that supports the club!

2024 Schedule

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March 9thEvent #1 at P.I.R. South Paddock – Portland, OR
March 10thEvent #2 at P.I.R. South Paddock – Portland, OR

April 13thStarting Line School at P.I.R. South Paddock – Portland, OR
April 14th – Event #3 at P.I.R. South Paddock – Portland, OR

May 11thEvent #4 at P.I.R. South Paddock – Portland, OR
May 12thEvent #5 at P.I.R. South Paddock – Portland, OR

June 1stEvent #6 at Packwood, WA
June 2ndEvent #7 at Packwood, WA

June 29thEvent #8 at Packwood, WA
June 30thEvent #9 at Packwood, WA

August 3rdEvent #10 at Packwood, WA
August 4thEvent #11 at Packwood, WA

September 14thEvent #12 at P.I.R. South Paddock – Portland, OR
September 15thEvent #13 at P.I.R. South Paddock – Portland, OR

October 5thEvent #14 at P.I.R. South Paddock – Portland, OR
October 6thEvent #15 at P.I.R. South Paddock – Portland, OR

National SCCA Solo Events

February 23rd to 25thChampionship Tour at Litchfield Park, AZ

March 15th to 17thProSolo at Las Vegas, AZ

March 22nd to 24thProSolo at Las Vegas, AZ

April 19th to 21st – ProSolo at Crows Landing, CA

April 26th to 28thChampionship Tour at Crows Landing, CA

July 12th to 14thChampionship Tour at Packwood, WA

July 19th to 21stProSolo at Packwood, WA

August 30th to September 1stProSolo Finale at Lincoln, NE

September 3rd to 6th – Solo Nationals at Lincoln, NE

Weekend Schedule For All Events

Please be sure to arrive by 8:00 AM at the latest (earlier is better!) in order to have enough time to get ready and go through reg/tech/course walk.

6:30 AM – Site opens and setup up starts

7:00 AM – Drivers arrive and setup

7:15 AM – Registration opens

7:15-8:30 AM – Driver check In, work assignment, and tech inspection open

8:30 AM – Registration, work assignment, and tech close

8:40 AM – Course closed for walking

8:45 AM – Drivers meeting

9:00 AM – First car on course

4:00 PM – Latest stop time for event – We usually finish around 2:00-3:00 PM

Entry Fee

$40 for P.I.R. and Sanderson Field Events
$50 for Packwood Events
$15 Weekend Membership is required for Non-SCCA members.  It covers you for the whole weekend so you only need to pay for the first event of the weekend.

Add $10 if you do not register and pre-pay before the event on MotorsportReg.  It is highly recommended you register and pre-pay online.  This helps our events run more smoothly and you get to skip the line for Registration!

Register for Events Here

Loaner Helmet Program (Reservations are recommend)

Become a SCCA Member!!
*The $15 cost of a Weekend Membership can be applied towards an annual
membership.  And it can be stacked up to $30 if redeemed within 60 days.
*The annual membership works for all types of SCCA events such as Track Night in America and Time Trials!
*Active Duty Military and Veterans get a 20% discount off National dues
*Want your spouse or kids to join with you? A family membership will run you $90 plus those regional dues.
*If you’re between the ages of 21 and 24, you’ll grab a $30 discount when you sign up for an Individual membership
* Discounts at select partners such as Hawk, Summit, Braille, Koni, Hankook, and more!


Spectators and adult participants will sign the standard waiver upon entering the event site.

Digital Annual Waiver

The Digital Annual Waiver is for SCCA members. Once completed you will present your email confirmation to receive an annual wrist band from the chief of waivers. This allows you to avoid signing the waiver at the event site entrance for every event.

Attention Minors and Parents of Minors!!

Starting in 2023 minors wanting to participate as a driver or passenger must complete the Digital Annual Minor Waiver. The process takes time. You should start two weeks minimum before the event. Minors and their parents do not need to be SCCA members to do this, but will need to create a free online account. Once you receive email confirmation see the chief of waivers at your next event.

Instructions on how to get the Minor Waiver

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