Welcome to Autocross


We have loaner helmets available on a first come, first served basis. We have plenty of helmets but we have run out of our most popular sizes. Please see our Loaner Helmet Program page for more details.

We accept all Snell SA, M and K rated helmets that have a certification of 2010 or newer. SFI 31.1 and 41.1 2010 and newer are also allowed.

If you have a question about your helmet, the Snell certification is located inside the helmet, usually under a pad and will have the letter and year on it. If you do not see this sticker you helmet will not be accepted.

Safety Requirements/Tech Inspection

All cars must pass a technical inspection to verify the safety of the car.

“Tech,” is the short word for technical inspection. This inspection is made by other more experienced autocrossers to check the safety of your car. They check for a working seat belt, good return on throttle, brake pressure, a secure battery, tight lug nuts, play in suspension and bearings, interior free of lose items including floor mats, street tires must have measureable tread left and no cords showing. Any car in reasonable condition should pass a tech inspection no problem!

What to Bring

The most important things to bring are yourself, your car, your driver’s license and a good attitude!

Other helpful things to bring:

  • Clothes for the occasion. You’ll be outside for several hours, make sure you’ll be comfortable. Bring waterproof gear if it’s raining and a nice hat if it’s sunny.
  • Sunscreen – There’s no cover out on the course, don’t get a sunburn
  • A helmet – If you have one, if not we have loaners
  • Tire pump – Most cars perform better with non-stock tire pressures
  • Tire pressure gauge – handy for adjusting the tire pressure as the tires heat
  • Water – Now that’s what I call high-quality H2O
  •  Snacks – There is fast turnover between the run groups, a snack is always nice to have.

Welcome to autocross. Here’s some tips to get started before your first event.


We have a dedicated class for our newest drivers called Trophy Challenge or TC. Trophy Challenge only has 2 rules:

  1. Street tires only, 200TW+
  2. 2 years or less of racing experience


What does a day of Autocross look like?

Get to the site early

Take this time to unload everything from your car you don’t need for racing. You can also meet and talk to the other drivers.

Check in at registration

You will get your run/work order and your worker assignment for the day

Get your car tech inspected

Drive your car over to the tech inspection and get it checked over. You will need your numbers on the car and helmet. If you don’t have a helmet tech will get you the loaner

Walk the course

Autocross courses have many turns in a small area, it’s easy to get lost if you aren’t familiar with the course. Walk the course as many times as you can, if you’re not sure how the course goes ask someone walking around, everyone is willing to help. There is also a dedicated novice walk just before the driver’s meeting

Driver’s meeting

This is a required meeting where we discuss safety standards and how the event will run


Depending on your group you will either work first and race second or race first and run second. If you are working, you will need to report to your work station and they will tell you where to stand. See our Course Worker Guide to see what you’ll be doing. If you race get to your car and get ready to run!


The time between run groups is kept short to increase the amount of runs we all get. If you brought a snack now is the time to get it


Park your car and get to the work station or come in from the track and get your car to grid

That’s it

Once we’re done with our work/run groups that’s it. We will post the final results in a day or two after they are audited here in the Results page.